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<FireFly_9> Artemis... he was trying to do a Xena-style flamethrower stunt with some sake and it went hideously wrong

welcome to #suburbansenshi2

[22:16] <Gavrison O`Cain> Have you now?
[22:16] <Joanna Smithson> yeah
[22:16] <Gavrison O`Cain> (( I'm claiming the log in the name of good health! ))
[22:18] <Gavrison O`Cain> What sort of training have you been doing?
[22:21] <Joanna Smithson> going back to the basics Piccolo taught me...
[22:22] * Gavrison O`Cain nods
[22:22] <Joanna Smithson> meditation, weighed clothes and basic fighting skills
[22:22] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hope it all works out for ya.
[22:23] *** D. Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:23] <@spiritflame> konbanwa D. Kakaku
[22:25] <Joanna Smithson> I hope so too
[22:26] <D. Kakaku> evening
[22:26] <Joanna Smithson> I've gotten too hung up on using my ki attacks....that my hand to hand has suffered
[22:28] <Gavrison O`Cain> I see.
[22:29] <Gavrison O`Cain> Sometimes it's always good to be ready for physical attacks.
[22:29] <D. Kakaku> what's going on?
[22:32] * Joanna Smithson works on removing her wrist bands, letting them drop to the ground with a CLANK
[22:38] <Joanna Smithson> ugh better
[22:41] <Gavrison O`Cain> Metallic cloth?
[22:41] <Joanna Smithson> no...just has weights in them
[22:44] <Gavrison O`Cain> Ah, okay.
[22:47] <Joanna Smithson> nothing too special
[22:52] * Gavrison O`Cain nods
[22:52] * Delilah Inochi has moved to: [ Tokyo ]
[22:52] * Delilah Inochi [Tokyo] has been investigating all day and is exausted as she tries to head home ~_~
[22:56] * Delilah Inochi [Tokyo] checks her phone...wondering if any of her texts got noticed
[22:57] <Joanna Smithson> what are you up to?
[22:57] <Gavrison O`Cain> Relaxing. Went for a walk earlier within the Atrium.
[23:00] * Delilah Inochi [Tokyo] yawns.....
[23:02] <Gavrison O`Cain> In fact, I should head back upstairs. Have a good night, folks.
[23:02] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC (Until next time.)
[23:11] * Delilah Inochi [Tokyo] staggers into the street on accident...just as a car is about to hit her!
[23:25] * Delilah Inochi [Tokyo] blinks and is grabbed off the street...by the mysterious Sailor V..who leaps away!
[23:25] <Delilah Inochi> [Tokyo] ....
[23:42] * Delilah Inochi [Tokyo] walks away, wobbling
[00:03] *** Delilah Inochi has moved back to the Atrium
[00:03] *** Delilah Inochi has left #suburbansenshi2
[00:06] * Joanna Smithson flies up to her room and checks on her daughter..who is sleeping soundly
[00:06] * Joanna Smithson floats back down onto the floor
[00:12] <Joanna Smithson> well now
[00:12] <Joanna Smithson> late night
[00:14] <D. Kakaku> yup
[00:24] <Joanna Smithson> nothing to do tonight?
[00:30] <D. Kakaku> nope
[00:34] <Joanna Smithson> yeah same
[00:58] * Joanna Smithson streaches
[01:07] * D. Kakaku yawns a bit
[01:24] <D. Kakaku> so, I hear training, what're you training with?
[01:29] <Joanna Smithson> oh just the usual set up really
[01:29] <Joanna Smithson> have the danger room set things up for me
[02:05] <D. Kakaku> how much?
[02:13] <D. Kakaku> how much does it set up?
[02:17] <Joanna Smithson> alot...I don't know how to describe it
[02:42] <D. Kakaku> huh, alright
[02:54] <Joanna Smithson> i'm going to get some sleep..night
[02:54] *** Joanna Smithson has left #suburbansenshi2
[12:05] * Hideki Kaze [Tokyo] is trying to set up a new computer for his work....he bought a new keyboard set up for it as well....all while getting bonked on the side of his head by his daughter's stuffed cat toy
[12:05] *** Hideki Kaze has moved back to the Atrium
[12:18] * Eilean has moved to: [ New Grand Imperial Theater ]
[12:18] * Eilean [New Grand Imperial Theater] is outside the theater, watching crowds..it's an open door theater day today
[12:23] * Eilean [New Grand Imperial Theater] feels a bit uneasy...
[12:24] * Eilean [New Grand Imperial Theater] sees that few of the theater group is left from her mother's day
[12:39] * Eilean [New Grand Imperial Theater] moves back a bit to let another tour through
[13:32] * Eilean [New Grand Imperial Theater] sighs, trying to keep up a happy face..
[13:54] * Giselle Bellerose has moved to: [ New Grand Imperial ]
[13:55] * Giselle Bellerose [New Grand Imperial] wanders over....and is....less the impressed and a little worried
[14:01] <Giselle Bellerose> [New Grand Imperial] ...well this is..nice
[19:17] <Quantum Entanglement Comm> Video linkup requested.
[19:22] <D. Kakaku> huh?
[19:23] <Quantum Entanglement Comm> Video linkup requested.
[19:45] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:45] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Gavrison O`Cain
[19:46] * Gavrison O`Cain sits at the bar
[19:47] <Quantum Entanglement Comm> Video linkup requested.
[19:47] * Gavrison O`Cain gets up and answers the call, "Who calls?"
[19:54] <Quantum Entanglement Comm> Request granted. Connecting now.
[19:54] *** Hellesponte AI has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:54] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Hellesponte AI
[19:54] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Ah. Finally.
[19:55] <Gavrison O`Cain> Well, Helles. What's up?
[19:56] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> I wanted to connect with the Hotel so that everyone here with the Fleet could update each other.
[19:57] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> I'm also monitoring the situation unfolding down on 4546B. It's getting quite out of control.
[19:58] <Gavrison O`Cain> That doesn't sound like good news, AI.
[19:59] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Your people on the surface are under attack, and I calculate that there's a high probability that they'll be overwhelmed if reinforcements aren't sent.
[20:00] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> The Fafnir is breaching the planetary shield continuously, so sending in additional forces IS possible, but the quarantine enforcement weapons have come back online.
[20:01] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> ....
[20:01] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Updating....stand by...
[20:03] <Gavrison O`Cain> This better be good.
[20:04] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> The Aurora Guyot is transmitting a priority distress call. The outposts on Cannon and Natalia Islands, as well as the undersea stations, are either under attack or facing potential attack.
[20:05] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> The Warpers have begun targeting any lifeforms not indigenous to the planet.
[20:07] <Gavrison O`Cain> Warpers?
[20:13] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> The "Self-Warping Quarantine Enforcer Units" created by the Architects.
[20:14] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)>

[20:14] * Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.) brings up the Warper data file
[20:16] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)>

[20:16] * Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.) Tries again
[20:17] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> DAMMIT! Too much jamming!
[20:18] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> I think I've got it now.
[20:21] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Those things became non-hostile once the Karar was cured, but all of a sudden they've become hostile again.
[20:23] <Gavrison O`Cain> That just lovely. Anyway, can't the Navy launch strikes to provide ground troops additional support? Or are their hands firmly tied? :/
[20:24] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> The destroyer "Bostoner" was supposed to move to the arctic continent to support your people, but the Governor-Militant just ordered her to remain near the Aurora Guyot to help support Federation personnel there.
[20:24] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> As for the Fleet launching strikes that's...not advisable.
[20:25] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Because capital-scale weapons tend to impact ground targets with blast effects in the multi-kiloton range.
[20:25] * Gavrison O`Cain sighs in disappointment
[20:25] <Gavrison O`Cain> Even the Moon Kingdom ships?
[20:25] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> We CAN, however, send in additional ground forces.
[20:26] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> But it's Moon Kingdom forces that are in the best position to engage.
[20:26] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> As such, the Governor-Militant has specifically stated that your sovereignty is to be acknowledged.
[20:27] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> You're NOT supplemental forces under the command of the Federation Fleet or the Imperial Guard.
[20:27] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> As such, you must be consulted first and involved in all planning.
[20:30] <Gavrison O`Cain> I see.
[20:32] * Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.) brings up a top-down image of a very rocky, snow-covered island. Explosions are blossoming all over it and there are indicators of a fierce battle going on.
[20:33] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hmmm...
[20:34] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Despite the ground forces committed, I calculate that there's only a 50% chance of victory unless new factors are introduced into the battle.
[20:34] * Megan Smithson lays on the floor...
[20:34] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> There HAVE been some developments.
[20:34] <Gavrison O`Cain> State it.
[20:35] * Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.) changes the image, zooming it out slightly and moving it to focus on a field of icebergs.
[20:36] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> The main base of the enemy force, called Eisenblut, is located in here. We've made contact with one of their members, and she's certain that if the "Vater" is brought there, he can end the conflict immediately.
[20:36] * Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.) moves the image to an area of deep water.
[20:37] <Gavrison O`Cain> What exactly is Eisenblut? As in who are they?
[20:37] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> I'm also detecting a faint Federation IFF transponder AND distress signal from this region. There's a Federation ship there and it's now trying to contact the Fleet.
[20:39] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Eisenblut is, apparently, a group of full-AI T-Dolls optimized for naval warfare. They're definitely based upon Sangvis Ferri Ringleader designs, but modified. Somewhere along the way their core operational programs were damaged.
[20:40] <Gavrison O`Cain> How so?
[20:41] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> They were created over twenty years ago by Zealot War survivors who crash-landed on the planet to help them with surviving on 4546B.
[20:42] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Yes...they crash landed BEFORE the Zealot Wars actually occurred, so I have a feeling some temporal anomalies are involved.
[20:44] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> From what U-556 has told us, it sounds like all of the Naval T-Dolls that were created were infected by the Last Command and went genocidal against the Van Saar survivors, then they targeted the Alliance survivors as well.
[20:45] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hmm. Any clue as to who this Vater is? Also, unless my languages is all mixed up, sounds like Ironblood or something like that.
[20:45] <Megan Smithson> .....
[20:47] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> It is. And from what U-556 has told us, in exhaustive detail...
[20:47] * Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.) giggles.
[20:48] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Their "Vater", or Father, is none other than Governor-Militant Solarchos Langister.
[20:48] * Gavrison O`Cain facefaults, "You've GOTTA be kidding me."
[20:51] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Apparently, after they purged themselves of the Last Command, their neural matrixes suffered severe damage, which they resolved in some weird ways.
[20:54] <Gavrison O`Cain> Oh joy. If it takes getting Solar down to the surface to stop the attack on Moon Kingdom troops, get his sorry ass down there!
[20:56] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> In their case, they "found religion", creating an odd religion blending Norse and apocalyptic beliefs where Solarchos, or more specifically the Onryo, occupied the position of Odin.
[20:57] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> They believe that if they defend the world well enough, or can cause a massive enough battle (Ragnarok?), that their "Lost Father" will appear to praise them and bring them home.
[20:58] <Gavrison O`Cain> That's f[BLEEP]ked up.
[21:00] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> When AI's suffer neural breakdowns, the affects can be very drastic. Contrary to what you might think, we CAN go insane.
[21:07] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hmm.
[21:10] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> I'm also receiving a confirmed IFF transponder signal from a Federation ship located deep underwater.
[21:11] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> It's giving its location, but no one has been able to make radio contact with it.
[21:11] <Gavrison O`Cain> Which ship is it?
[21:23] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> ..."Rock You Like A Hurricane"?! Is this accurate?
[21:25] * Gavrison O`Cain shrugs
[21:36] <Gavrison O`Cain> I suppose so.
[21:43] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> Crap...I'm losing the signal.
[21:43] <Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.)> I'll contact you again when the system resets.
[21:43] *** Hellesponte AI (Q.E.C.) has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:43] <Gavrison O`Cain> Alright. And...nevermind.
[21:43] <Quantum Entanglement Comm> Signal lost. Unable to re-establish.
[21:44] <Gavrison O`Cain> Well, s[BLEEP]t. I do hope she heeded my idea in getting Solar down there.
[22:09] <Megan Smithson> .....
[22:12] * Gavrison O`Cain spots Megan, "Are you alright?"
[22:15] <Megan Smithson> huh yeah I'm fine..just parched
[22:17] * Gavrison O`Cain gets Megan some water
[22:20] <Megan Smithson> thank you
[22:23] <Gavrison O`Cain> Aside from thristy, how've you been?
[22:25] <Megan Smithson> fine i suppose
[22:28] * Megan Smithson glances side ways....and sighs
[22:30] <Gavrison O`Cain> That's good to hear.
[22:38] * Megan Smithson tries to lift something over her shoulders..invisible
[22:41] <Gavrison O`Cain> Trouble?
[22:42] * Megan Smithson sets the..thing on a sofa
[22:42] <Megan Smithson> hey come on....you can make it..hey hey look at me
[22:43] <Megan Smithson> what was I thinking
[22:43] <Megan Smithson> ....ok..it's alright..you're alright...everything is alright
[22:45] <Megan Smithson> look. at. me
[22:47] * Gavrison O`Cain watches Megan
[22:55] <Megan Smithson> ...just relax there..it'll pass
[23:08] <Gavrison O`Cain> Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to return to my family's suite. Good night.
[23:08] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC (Back to the wife.)
[23:10] * Megan Smithson sits on the floor near the sofa
[23:30] <Megan Smithson> ...finally recovering?
[23:30] <Megan Smithson> just take it easy for now
[23:33] * Megan Smithson watches as Leppy flies around, chasing after a bug
[23:35] * Megan Smithson sighs a little
[23:39] * Megan Smithson feels...strangely isolated....
[23:40] * D. Kakaku yawns a bit
[23:41] <Megan Smithson> hm?
[23:43] <D. Kakaku> evening
[23:43] <Megan Smithson> evening
[23:51] <Megan Smithson> how are you tonight ^^
[23:51] <D. Kakaku> anything going on?
[23:51] <Megan Smithson> apperently not hehe
[00:02] <D. Kakaku> oh?
[00:06] <Megan Smithson> it's quiet
[00:09] <Megan Smithson> as would be expected I suppose this late at night
[00:12] <D. Kakaku> yup
[00:44] <Megan Smithson> hm?
[00:45] <D. Kakaku> hm?
[00:45] <Megan Smithson> I thought I heard something
[00:46] <Megan Smithson> hm?..oh you're awake...
[00:47] <D. Kakaku> planning on something?
[00:48] <Megan Smithson> ..what do you mean an enemy?
[00:48] <Megan Smithson> I don't see any ene-en...e....@_@
[00:48] * Megan Smithson passes out @_@
[00:49] <D. Kakaku> what the?
[00:49] * Megan Smithson is now sprawled across the floor
[00:51] <Megan Smithson> @_@
[00:53] <D. Kakaku> ummm ok, anyone else here?
[00:54] * Leppy pokes at Megan
[00:55] <D. Kakaku> hey there.
[00:55] <Leppy> is meggie ok-leppy???
[00:56] <D. Kakaku> I don't know, she said something about an enemy before falling on the floor.
[00:56] <Leppy> is there an enemy-leppy!?
[00:58] <D. Kakaku> I don't know.
[00:58] <Leppy> o-oh no..I have to get the others-leppy!!!
[00:59] * Leppy panics and flies around...before crashing into a wall
[01:00] * D. Kakaku follows and holds his hand out to catch Leppy.
[01:00] <Leppy> @_@ l-leppy
[01:01] <D. Kakaku> you okay?
[01:03] <Leppy> dizzy-leppy
[01:05] <D. Kakaku> can't argue with that.
[01:07] <D. Kakaku> I think we're all dizzy now a days
[01:10] * D. Kakaku sits on the sofa nearest megan and turns the TV on.
[01:13] <D. Kakaku> might as well watch some late night TV until she wakes up, then.
[01:18] <Leppy> leppy?
[01:20] <D. Kakaku> I don't know, either.
[01:26] <D. Kakaku> mmmmmm, I can't stay sitting around, I've done so for two weeks, where are the others?
[01:27] <Leppy> OH i FORGOT TO GET THEM-LEPPY!
[01:27] * Leppy FLIES OFF
[01:28] <D. Kakaku> Woah, wait for me!
[01:29] * Leppy flies off to find them
[01:29] * D. Kakaku gets up and Follows.
[01:34] * Leppy is darting from room to room....
[01:35] <Jean Smith> GAH MEGGIE'S IN TROUBLE!?
[01:35] * Jean Smith scrambles!
[01:36] <Thea Potter> what is going on???
[01:36] * Thea Potter is working on tightening her robe
[01:36] <Polly Carter> Meggie's in trouble!? nooooo!
[01:36] * The other FlutterKnight girls follow Leppy....and probably run into DK
[01:40] <D. Kakaku> whew, finally, I suppose you were told about whatever enemy she was talking about?
[01:42] <Thea Potter> an enemy? here?
[01:42] <Jean Smith> where are they??
[01:43] <D. Kakaku> yeah, don't know where they are.
[01:45] <Thea Potter> where is Megan??
[01:46] <D. Kakaku> sleeping on the floor in the atrium.
[01:46] <Jean Smith> where is she??
[01:47] <D. Kakaku> she said something about an enemy and then fell asleep
[01:47] <Jean Smith> where??
[01:49] <D. Kakaku> follow me
[01:50] <D. Kakaku> /runs back to the atrium, towards the sprawled out megan.
[01:50] * the girls follow then stop at the sight of her
[01:50] * Thea Potter walks over and checks Megan's pulse and her eye
[01:51] <Thea Potter> ...well she's alive just.....asleep
[01:51] <Jean Smith> she looks...very asleep
[01:51] * Polly Carter tries to shake Megan who just sort of wobbles @_@
[02:01] <Thea Potter> polly..stop you're going to...polly...polly don't do that
[02:01] <D. Kakaku> I think we've established that she's just sleeping.
[02:01] <D. Kakaku> I still don't get why she said there were enemies about, though.
[02:02] <Thea Potter> that is a good question
[02:03] <Jean Smith> maybe they're invisible?
[02:03] * Thea Potter just glances at Jean
[02:03] <Jean Smith> well i said maybe
[02:10] <Polly Carter> we should guard her!!!
[02:10] <Thea Potter> I agree..it's the least we can do
[02:11] * Jean Smith sits down in front of Megan "alright then!"
[02:16] * Polly Carter sits down too!
[02:21] <D. Kakaku> well, what happens now?
[02:27] <Thea Potter> we wait
[02:29] <Thea Potter> there isn't much we can do otherwise
[02:35] * Leppy transforms!
[02:35] <Leppy Smithson> I'll wait here too-leppy!
[02:35] * Leppy Smithson sits herself right next to Thea, who sighs
[02:40] <D. Kakaku> so, what is the transforming supposed to do?
[02:42] * Leppy Smithson blinks and looks around, then points to herself
[02:43] <D. Kakaku> yeah.
[02:44] <D. Kakaku> I m,ean, what should I call you in that form?
[02:49] <D. Kakaku> is it still leppy or?
[02:56] <Leppy Smithson> I'm still leppy-leppy
[03:05] * the girls continue to watch over megan
[10:33] * Megan Smithson has moved to: [ Front Yard ]
[10:33] * Megan Smithson [Front Yard] is sitting on the front steps, watching cars go by
[10:34] <D. Kakaku> how was your nap?
[10:36] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] GAH huh?
[10:36] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] oh it was..interesting ^^;;
[10:37] <D. Kakaku> oh?
[10:37] * D. Kakaku has moved to: [ front yard ]
[10:39] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] yes?
[10:39] <D. Kakaku> [front yard] so, what were the enemies you were talking about?
[10:42] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] >_>
[10:42] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] <_<
[10:42] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] >_>
[10:42] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] um it's..complicated
[10:44] <D. Kakaku> [front yard] Leppy was concerned that whatever enemy tou saw made you fall asleep
[10:46] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] I saw leppy this morning..told her things were fine
[10:52] <D. Kakaku> [front yard] that's good
[10:52] <D. Kakaku> [front yard] is her disguise supposed to be Matsumi's sister in a way?
[10:56] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] huh what do you mean?
[11:03] <D. Kakaku> [front yard] you haven't seen her transformation?
[11:03] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] well yes?
[11:06] <D. Kakaku> [front yard] just thought I'd say something, I mean, in case anyone asks who she's related to.
[11:09] * Megan Smithson [Front Yard] thinks
[11:09] <Megan Smithson> [Front Yard] you could say she's my cousin if she needs a cover story..that's what i always used
[11:09] <D. Kakaku> [front yard] that's fine.
[11:47] * Megan Smithson [Front Yard] enjoys the weather
[11:52] * Megan Smithson [Front Yard] glances over as one of the neighbors walks by...and ia amused when she's referred to as "young lady"
[12:24] * Eilean [New Grand Imperial Theater] decides maybe..it's time to start anew.....
[12:56] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:56] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Eliza McIntash
[12:56] * Eilean [New Grand Imperial Theater] is very tired..
[12:57] * Eliza McIntash is working in the Atrium. She has her sports drink with her, and wears sweaty exercise clothing. She is drawing on some paper, and writing feverishly in a book.
[12:57] * Eliza McIntash sighs, and keeps writing things down.
[12:58] * Megan Smithson [Front Yard] walks back in
[12:58] *** Megan Smithson has moved back to the Atrium
[12:59] * Eliza McIntash erases something and keeps drawing, occasionally making sure nobody else is watching her.
[12:59] <Eliza McIntash> <.<
[12:59] <Eliza McIntash> >.>
[12:59] * Megan Smithson streaches, glancing around the place
[12:59] * Megan Smithson doesn't notice eliza
[13:03] * Eliza McIntash makes sure nobody is around.
[13:03] <Eliza McIntash> ....
[13:03] <Eliza McIntash> <.<
[13:03] <Eliza McIntash> >.>
[13:03] * Eliza McIntash casts a magic spell on the page she is drawing on, in frustration.
[13:03] <Eliza McIntash> >.<
[13:03] <spiritflame>Eliza McIntash rolls 2d6 [ 6, 2 ]
[13:03] <Eliza McIntash> I guess that'll save the eraser.
[13:03] <Eliza McIntash> What am I forgetting?
[13:03] * Eliza McIntash writes... and writes.
[13:05] <Eliza McIntash> ....
[13:05] * Eliza McIntash hangs her head for a little bit.
[13:15] <Megan Smithson> hm?
[13:15] * Megan Smithson walks over
[13:15] <Megan Smithson> hello?
[13:19] * Eliza McIntash quickly covers up what she was drawing.
[13:19] * Eliza McIntash closes her book.
[13:19] <Eliza McIntash> Er, can I help you?
[13:19] * Eliza McIntash looks at Megan Smithson.
[13:19] *** Megan Smithson is young woman with wavy long brown hair that covers one of her eyes. She wears glasses, has brown eyes and a kind smile. She is Matsumi and Joanna's mother. She stands at around 6'3. Thanks to events, she looks in her early 20s.
Her image Song is: .

[13:20] <Megan Smithson> you looked upset
[13:21] <Eliza McIntash> Sorry, I didn't mean to be a downer.
[13:21] <Eliza McIntash> You are very tall.
[13:22] <Megan Smithson> ^^;; I've been told that
[13:22] <Megan Smithson> what's wrong?
[13:29] <Eliza McIntash> Well. Nothing's really *wrong.* It's just that I'm trying to think of the things I want to say to.... to a person I really care about.
[13:30] <Eliza McIntash> I want it to be perfect.
[13:30] <Eliza McIntash> I keep zoning out... keep going over the conversation in my head.
[13:30] <Eliza McIntash> I don't want to forget something that's important to say.
[13:30] * Eliza McIntash looks down at her notes. There are several pages of them now. She closes them into a folder.
[13:31] * Megan Smithson smiles
[13:31] <Megan Smithson> I'm sure it will come to you
[13:31] <Megan Smithson> as long as it's from the heart..that's all that will matter to them
[13:33] * Eliza McIntash nods slowly. "You are *probably* right.
[13:33] <Eliza McIntash> I just worry. I've been trying to build up my nerve to talk to her for....
[13:34] <Eliza McIntash> ....my gosh, I guess almost forever.
[13:36] <Megan Smithson> don't tell me...a parent?
[13:37] <Eliza McIntash> ........
[13:37] * Eliza McIntash just looks down.
[13:38] <Eliza McIntash> I guess so. Yeah. Yes.
[13:38] * Megan Smithson smiles "I can tell..I know that look of worry"
[13:39] <Megan Smithson> as long as you're sincere..that's all that matters...
[13:39] <Megan Smithson> I'm sure they will love whatever comes from....
[13:40] <Megan Smithson> *from you
[13:40] * Eliza McIntash doesn't answer her.
[13:41] <Megan Smithson> would you like some tea?
[13:41] <Megan Smithson> the cafe nearby makes some wonderful tea!
[13:42] * Eliza McIntash nods slightly.
[13:43] <Megan Smithson> I will be right back ^^
[13:44] * Megan Smithson runs off to get some tea
[13:44] * Eliza McIntash looks down at a piece of paper, unfolding it after Megan gets up. "....."
[13:45] * Eliza McIntash sighs, and folds it back up.
[13:48] * Eliza McIntash takes her pages of notes off of the table so they cannot get tea on them.
[13:55] * Megan Smithson returns with two teas!
[13:56] <Megan Smithson> I had to guess..hope you don't mind!
[14:02] <Eliza McIntash> I promise I don't mind.
[14:03] * Megan Smithson puts the drink down in front of eliza ^^
[14:05] * Eliza McIntash checks for steam from it before sipping so she doesn't burn her tongue.
[14:07] * Megan Smithson sips her tea ^^
[14:08] * Eliza McIntash blows on the tea.
[14:09] <Megan Smithson> I rather like this...I need to remember to try this again ^^
[14:16] <Megan Smithson> this is a nice day ^^
[14:18] * Eliza McIntash drinks some of the tea.
[14:18] <Eliza McIntash> Yes, I suppose.
[14:19] <Megan Smithson> I suppose it would be best I introduced myself
[14:19] <Megan Smithson> I'm Megan..Megan Smithson ^^
[14:20] <Eliza McIntash> It is nice to meet you. My name is Eliza.
[14:21] <Megan Smithson> that name sounds familer somehow...
[14:22] <Eliza McIntash> I will be honest, I'm not sure if it's a common name. I don't really know if I was named after somebody.
[14:23] <Megan Smithson> I think one of my daughters has mentioned that name
[14:23] * Eliza McIntash blinks twice. "Wait.... Smithson."
[14:24] <Eliza McIntash> You aren't Matsumi's sister, are you?
[14:24] * Eliza McIntash 's facial expression quickly starts to change...
[14:26] <Megan Smithson> no no no
[14:26] <Megan Smithson> I'm her mother
[14:28] <Eliza McIntash> Oh! Ooooh, sure!
[14:28] * Eliza McIntash smiles again.
[14:28] <Eliza McIntash> I guess it runs in the family. ^_^
[14:28] <Megan Smithson> hehehe I suppose
[14:29] <Eliza McIntash> Aheh... yes. ^_^;;
[14:29] * Eliza McIntash looks at Megan Smithson.
[14:29] *** Megan Smithson is young woman with wavy long brown hair that covers one of her eyes. She wears glasses, has brown eyes and a kind smile. She is Matsumi and Joanna's mother. She stands at around 6'3. Thanks to events, she looks in her early 20s.
Her image Song is: .

[14:29] <Eliza McIntash> Long hair.... just like your daughter.
[14:31] <Megan Smithson> oh this...I used to wear it shorter when I was younger
[14:32] <Megan Smithson> my bangs though somehow always end up like this when I grew it out
[14:34] <Eliza McIntash> I believe it.
[14:36] * Megan Smithson sips her tea
[14:37] <Megan Smithson> do you feel any better?
[14:38] * Eliza McIntash thinks
[14:40] <Eliza McIntash> .....Well...
[14:40] <Eliza McIntash> I don't feel... you know... bad?
[14:41] <Megan Smithson> well that's a start ^^
[14:43] <Eliza McIntash> It's just... I really think she is worried about me.
[14:44] <Eliza McIntash> I really want to... explain things. So maybe she won't be. And I can... I don't know.
[14:44] <Megan Smithson> well every mother worries about their child...
[14:45] <Eliza McIntash> ....I think I cause a lot more reasons for my Mom to worry. I'm just... I'm really flattered that she cares for me so much.
[14:45] * Eliza McIntash smiles at that.
[14:50] <Eliza McIntash> I have to make an important decision and... well... I just don't want to screw it up.
[14:50] * Eliza McIntash points at the folder. "That's about...2/3 of what I want to explain to her."
[14:50] * Megan Smithson nods
[14:50] <Eliza McIntash> "...and also the responses I tried to think up in advance if she say certain stuff..."
[14:52] * Eliza McIntash 's face grows dim, and she starts drinking again.
[14:52] <Eliza McIntash> This tea is pretty good, though.
[14:55] <Eliza McIntash> It's lucky you picked the flavor you did...
[14:55] <Eliza McIntash> I'm really lucky.
[14:56] * Eliza McIntash looks down.
[14:58] * Eliza McIntash is quiet.
[14:58] <Eliza McIntash> ...I guess I have finished my tea. Thank you.
[14:58] <Megan Smithson> oh my pleasure
[14:58] * D. Kakaku walks around
[14:59] <Megan Smithson> always happy to help ^^
[15:01] <D. Kakaku> hey there, Eliza.
[15:05] * Eliza McIntash waves to D.Kakaku from where she is sitting with Megan.
[15:22] * Megan Smithson sips her tea
[15:45] <Megan Smithson> ...what?
[15:46] <Megan Smithson> ^^;;; look I'm a little busy
[15:53] <Megan Smithson> hm?
[15:53] * Megan Smithson sighs
[15:55] <Megan Smithson> W-WHOA O_O
[15:55] * Megan Smithson is lifted in the air
[15:56] <Eliza McIntash> O.O
[15:56] <Megan Smithson> put me down ><
[15:58] * a figure shimmers slightly...obviously the one holding Megan over her shoulder
[16:01] <D. Kakaku> ok, who is that?
[16:03] <Megan Smithson> ~_~ *sigh*
[16:14] <D. Kakaku> what is it?
[16:40] * Megan Smithson is no longer in the room
[16:44] <Eliza McIntash> Well, that was really weird.
[16:44] <Eliza McIntash> I should... probably go too, I think.
[16:44] <Eliza McIntash> Uh... I hope to talk to you... soon.
[16:44] * Eliza McIntash is away 
[16:48] <D. Kakaku> you too
[18:14] *** Matsumi Kaze [AirGal@QTech.com] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:14] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsumi Kaze
[18:14] * Matsumi Kaze and Joanna walk into the hotel...having a slap fight with each other
[18:18] <Matsumi Kaze> you stupid-
[18:18] <Joanna Smithson> -mini skirted jerk!
[18:20] <Matsumi Kaze> mah!!!
[18:20] <Joanna Smithson> MAH!!!!
[18:20] <Matsumi and Joanna> MAAAAAH
[18:30] * Matsumi and Joanna get into a good fashioned dust cloud fight in the atrium
[18:54] <Matsuo Shin> hey hey what's going o-
[18:54] * Matsuo Shin gets dragged into the fight!
[19:06] * the fight gets bigger and bigger...slamming into the walls and cracking them
[19:07] * Matsumi Kaze and Joanna Smithson rear back...their fists glowing and...
[19:07] <-> KABOOM
[19:08] * The Earth is destroyed...again
[19:12] <Vainamoinen> whoops!
[19:12] <Vainamoinen> can't have this!
[19:13] * Vainamoinen reverses this whole mess!
[19:13] <Matsumi Kaze> ..huh what..wha
[19:13] * Matsumi Kaze glances around....is super confused
[19:21] * Haru E looks up from her work at the shop. (I dunno why, but I feel like I need to deliver the Gibbs to someone.....)
[19:27] *** Kaelyn P. Peinforte has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:27] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Kaelyn P. Peinforte
[19:27] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte walks up to the shop and takes a shotgun from the wall
[19:27] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte loads it with salt cartrages
[19:28] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte pumps the shot gun
[19:29] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte glances to Haru..nods to her..and leaves the shop
[19:31] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte is away: Fendhaleen hunting
[19:43] <Matsumi Kaze> where was I..oh yeah
[19:44] * Matsumi Kaze gets into another argument with Joanna....Matsuo is trying to seperate them...
[19:44] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:44] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Gavrison O`Cain
[19:45] * Gavrison O`Cain steps out of the elevator, and then sees the argument, "Hey. What are you two squawking about?"
[19:46] <Matsumi Kaze> SHE STARTED IT
[19:47] <Joanna Smithson> HELL NO YOU STARTED THIS
[19:48] <Matsuo Shin> can't we just..get along?
[19:52] <Gavrison O`Cain> ENOUGH!
[19:52] * Gavrison O`Cain sternly looks at Joanna and Matsumi
[19:59] * Matsumi and Jo glances at Gavrison
[20:00] <Gavrison O`Cain> Now, explain yourselves. One at a time.
[20:01] <Matsumi Kaze> well ask Jo!
[20:01] <Joanna Smithson> ask Mats!
[20:05] * Gavrison O`Cain sighs, "Am I gonna have to use some kind of device that uses your head like a projector?"
[20:06] <Matsumi Kaze> no ask her!
[20:06] <Matsuo Shin> they're so stubborn ~_~
[20:10] <Gavrison O`Cain> What do you suggest we do to extract info from them, Matsuo?
[20:11] <Matsuo Shin> I could read tehir minds but
[20:12] <Gavrison O`Cain> Too invasive?
[20:16] <Matsuo Shin> yes..I would rather they didn't kill me
[20:17] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hmm. There must be a way...
[20:29] *** Gavrison O`Cain flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[20:29] <Gavrison O`Cain> Matsumi, start talking.
[20:31] <Matsumi Kaze> well i have been!
[20:34] <Gavrison O`Cain> I meant what you were arguing with Joanna over.
[20:39] <Matsumi Kaze> ......what was I arguing about..
[20:40] <Joanna Smithson> ...I don't remember...
[20:40] * Gavrison O`Cain facepalms
[20:41] <D. Kakaku> [front yard] huh?
[20:41] *** D. Kakaku has moved back to the Atrium
[20:44] <Gavrison O`Cain> Then why were you arguing in the first place?
[20:46] <Joanna Smithson> ....I..don't know
[20:50] <Gavrison O`Cain> I see...
[20:54] * Matsuo Shin sighs
[21:10] <Matsuo Shin> least it's done
[21:10] <Gavrison O`Cain> Yeah. How've you been, Matsuo? Aside from sibling shenanigans.
[21:12] <Matsuo Shin> I'm fine I guess >_>
[21:14] <Gavrison O`Cain> That's good to hear.
[21:18] <Matsuo Shin> was just working out plans for the next exploration trip
[21:20] * Matsumi Kaze and Jo have already gone to be with their families..and Matsumi is planning another zoom meeting tonight
[21:20] <Gavrison O`Cain> Oh? Where are you heading?
[21:22] <Matsuo Shin> was thinking Uranus this time
[21:23] <Gavrison O`Cain> Ah, yes. The industrial planet.
[21:28] <Matsuo Shin> not sure if there is much of that left
[21:28] <Matsuo Shin> my theory..and this is just..a theory
[21:28] <Matsuo Shin> ..is that it will be in a pre-industrial state now
[21:28] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hm. Much like the other planets visited?
[21:34] <Matsuo Shin> more then likely yes
[21:34] <Gavrison O`Cain> Gotcha.
[21:47] <Matsuo Shin> ....
[21:47] <Matsuo Shin> how are you doing?
[21:49] <Gavrison O`Cain> I'm doing alright so far.
[21:53] * Matsuo Shin frowns to himself
[21:53] <Gavrison O`Cain> What's wrong?
[21:57] <Matsuo Shin> ....we're being watched
[21:58] <Gavrison O`Cain> By who?
[21:58] * Matsuo Shin turns as the window crashes..and a blue griffin soars in!
[22:03] <Matsuo Shin> !!!
[22:04] <Gavrison O`Cain> What the...?! O_o
[22:04] <D. Kakaku> wha?
[22:04] * Matsuo Shin 's shirt is grabbed in the Griffin's beak O_O
[22:06] * Matsuo Shin flails as the griffen takes off and flies through the window
[22:14] * Gavrison O`Cain looks out of the window to see which way the Griffin is going
[22:16] * the griffin is flying fast into the distance of Tokyo
[22:17] <D. Kakaku> was that Merv?
[22:17] <Gavrison O`Cain> Nuts. Not gonna catch that thing.
[22:17] * Gavrison O`Cain looks back at Daniel, "Har har."
[22:18] <Delilah Inochi> huh was that uncle matsuo?
[22:18] *** Delilah Inochi has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:18] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Delilah Inochi
[22:18] <Gavrison O`Cain> Um, yeah. It was.
[22:19] <Delilah Inochi> must have been Jabberwocky
[22:27] <Gavrison O`Cain> Ahhh, okay. Probably sent to bring him home, then.
[22:50] <Delilah Inochi> probably!
[22:50] <Delilah Inochi> how are you, Mister Gavrison?
[23:04] <Gavrison O`Cain> I'm doing alright. Just mentally praying for safe return of some troops deployed.
[23:04] * Freya Felinus has moved to: [ 1602 ]
[23:04] * Freya Felinus [1602] sits on the balcony over looking the atrium
[23:04] <Delilah Inochi> your son?
[23:05] <Gavrison O`Cain> Him, as well as my daughter, and their cousins.
[23:08] <Delilah Inochi> I'm..sure they'll be ok
[23:08] <Gavrison O`Cain> I hope so.
[23:14] <Gavrison O`Cain> Anyway, I really should head back upstairs. Take care, Delilah.
[23:15] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC (Good night.)
[23:18] * Delilah Inochi heads upstairs
[23:18] *** Delilah Inochi has left #suburbansenshi2
[23:18] * Freya Felinus [1602] glances and watches the people in the atrium
[23:36] <Freya Felinus> [1602] hm...
[23:41] <D. Kakaku> hmmmm.
[23:42] * Freya Felinus [1602] watches DK from above
[23:43] * D. Kakaku sits down on the sofa and sits there for a bit.
[23:45] * Freya Felinus [1602] looks out towards the glass wall...at the evening
[23:46] * Gareth has moved to: [ 1602 ]
[23:46] * Gareth [1602] walks over and tries to follow where Freya is looking
[23:48] * D. Kakaku yawns
[23:54] * Phobos and Deimos has moved to: [ Hikawa Shrine ]
[23:56] * Phobos and Deimos [Hikawa Shrine] get into an argument on who will take the blame for getting soda on Rei's manga collection
[23:58] * Freya Felinus [1602] is completely lost in thought
[00:00] * Freya Felinus [1602] heads back into the suite
[00:00] *** Freya Felinus has left #suburbansenshi2