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6 February 2004

Narrator: Her face is on posters the world over. Her albums are multi-platinum megahits. Star of Japanese manga, anime and film, Aino Minako is one of the Land of the Rising Sun's hottest exports. But the story of her everyday life has gone largely unknown until now.

Narrator: What does world-famous idol Aino Minako do when she's not busy saving the world from evil or composing new hit singles? Find out tonight on VH-1's "Behind the Music": A day in the life of Aino Minako.

Narrator: A few years ago, Aino Minako bought a brand new home in the Suburbs of Tokyo next to the world-famous duo of Japanese mega personalities Kaioh Michiru and Ten'ou Haruka. Recently, however, she's picked up a new abode-- a bigger-on-the-inside-than-on-the-outside Time And Relative Dimensions In Space machine, or TARDIS, owned by the galaxy-hopping and easily irritated Time Lord, Doctor Xadium.

Narrator: The use of a TARDIS has significantly expanded Aino Minako's career, allowing her to juggle a full time concert schedule, an active social life and her own hobbies. For her, having a Time and Space machine at her disposal has literally given her all the time in the world. On the downside, to the untrained eye it looks like she lives in a Mountain Dew vending machine... a machine that we managed to hunt down in Senegal, Africa.

Narrator: We were given unrestricted access to Dr. Xadium's TARDIS for the filming of this episode, a typical day in the life of Aino Minako.

Dr. Xadium: Who are you people and why are you in my TARDIS? And what are those cameras doing there?

Interviewer: We're with the VH-1 special, you know, for the "day in the life of Aino Minako"?

Dr. Xadium: The what.

Interviewer: Aino Minako atrranged this with us. We're supposed to provide a look into a typical day of her life.

Dr. Xadium: ... she arranged it, eh?

Interviewer: Yup.

Dr. Xadium: Oh, very well then...

7:15 AM: A New Day

(Crew Enters Minako's bedroom in the TARDIS)

Aino Minako: (Giggles) I shouldn't let you in here, but I wanted you to see this!!

Interviewer: ...

Dr. Xadium: She means the breakfast I made her, Ape-monkey... to your *right*. Every day for Minako starts bright and early with breakfast in bed.

Interviewer: Ahem, right... so, every day, you say?

Aino Minako: I'm always so hungry in the morning!! ^_^

Interviewer: I see...

Dr. Xadium: Oh, do try to focus on the task at hand... this is part of Minako's morning ritual. At least it has been ever since I made the cardinal mistake of serving her breakfast in bed one day. Since then, she has simply come to expect it.

Aino Minako: Hai! I used to wake up late in the day, around 11:30... but after having breakfast MADE for me, I make sure to get up early for it!!

Dr. Xadium: ...every day... every SINGLE day... for years now...

Aino Minako: (giggles) It's so much better than ordering Egg McGuffins from McDonalds!!

Interviewer: ...

Aino Minako: Well we have a long day ahead of us, so I'm going to go get dressed now!! No peeking!! (gets up)

Dr. Xadium: Avert your eyes, human.

Interviewer: But we're here to document *everything*... it is reality TV, you know.

Dr. Xadium: Excellent! Then perhaps I could interest you in documenting your own explosive decompression as I use the TARDIS transmat to beam you into the cold vacuum of dark space? That might be good for a Nielsen ratings spike, eh? (Sticks face in camera) Are you listening in there, producers?

(Minako Leaves)

Interviewer: Err... they can't hear you, Doctor Xadium.

(Slight hissing noise in Interviewer's headset followed by: "We're loving the Decompression angle, go for it")

Interviewer: They can't hear you at all, and I can't hear them. Nope, not at all. so uhh, we were talking about the breakfast, right?

Dr. Xadium: I tried ordering out, getting some hired help to prepare the meal... but she KNOWS... she ALWAYS knows... and becomes quite IMPOSSIBLE to deal with until she's been fed properly. I'm pondering going back in time and stopping myself from ever making her that first meal, if it didn't violate the First Law of Time.

Interviewer: So how does she like her breakfast bagels?

Dr. Xadium: What.

Interviewer: Her breakfast bagels... how does she like them?

Dr. Xadium: Here I am retelling my tale of misery and woe, and all you can think of in response is "how does she like her breakfast bagels?"

Interviewer: That's all the audience cares about, really.

Dr. Xadium: Lightly toasted with lots of butter and some raspberry jam.

7:47 AM: The Master Plans

Narrator: When Minako *does* finally get up, the first thing she does is decide on her outfit for the day. This is a crucial stage in her day. One misstep here can have far-reaching consequences, as Dr. Xadium soon found out.

Aino Minako: How's this one X-chan?? Does this one make me look good??

Dr. Xadium: Isn't that the same one you always wear, Mina?

Aino Minako: ... Are you dodging the bullet??

Dr. Xadium:... "Dodging the Question", and no...

Aino Minako: Are you saying I DON'T LOOK GOOD?!

Dr. Xadium: ... No, I meant I wasn't dodging--

Aino Minako: Moh!! I cant believe you said that!!

Dr. Xadium: Mina, to me you'd look good in a *paper sack!* I was just--


Dr. Xadium: Of course not!!

Aino Minako: Good then we're going to go shopping today so I don't have to, ne?? ♥

Dr. Xadium: Why do I get the feeling I've just been manipulated?

Aino Minako: But first let's go out to eat!!

9:35 AM: Food for Thought

Narrator: In preparation for a hard day of shopping and leisure, Aino Minako prefers to "fuel up" at an exclusive, members-only restaurant in the middle of downtown Paris, Chez Pierre.

Aino Minako: Ahh, this looks SOOO good!! I LOOOVE eating here!!

Interviewer: So every day, you and Xadium enjoy this sumptuous 4 course brunch?

Aino Minako: Eh?? All the food in this table is mine...

Interviewer: ...

Dr. Xadium: Mina-chan's gastronomic voracity is second only to that of Son Gokou...

Aino Minako: Now now, Usagi-chan eats more, I'm sure!!

Dr. Xadium: Marginally.

Interviewer: So where is Dr. Xadium's meal?

Dr. Xadium: See that small dish of scraped off Mushroom bits?

Interviewer: ... just the mushrooms?

Aino Minako: I don't like mushrooms, so I give him those...

Dr. Xadium: Yes, buying 4 course brunches for Minako on a daily basis leaves me little capital for a meal of my own, thus I am relegated to consuming... fungus.

Aino Minako: Here, you can have this olive too, X-chan... ♥

Dr. Xadium: Splendid.

Aino Minako: Oh, Meter maid!!

Dr. Xadium: "Maitre'D..."

Aino Minako: I'll have some more red wine!!

Dr. Xadium: Hmm, so much for my hopes of buying myself a grilled cheese sandwich today...

10:29 AM: One Heartthrob to Rule them All

Narrator: After a good meal comes a good movie. In Minako's case, the "Bloom" never falls off her daily screening of The Lord of the Rings.

Dr. Xadium: Even though she's seen it thirty-five times now, Minako always makes me take her to see a screening of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

Interviewer: Every day?

Dr. Xadium: Perils of having a Time Machine... I keep telling her to buy the DVD, but for some reason the notion of seeing a 15-foot high Orlando Bloom seems to fascinate her so...

Aino Minako: Go! Go! Legolas-sama!! ♥

Dr. Xadium: I so do hate Orlando Bloom...

Aino Minako: Bloom-sama suteki!!

Aino Minako: Yes, Yes!! Shoot your love-love arrow my way, my Legolas-sama!!

Dr. Xadium: I think he's trying to impale an elephant in the eye, actually...

Aino Minako: Moh, you're such a stake in the mud, X-chan!!

Dr. Xadium: "Stick".

Aino Minako: That too!

Dr. Xadium: -sigh-

3:45 PM: Dressing for Success

Narrator: Once the morning's entertainment is over, the real games begin, as Aino Minako goes all-out to make herself the belle of the night's upcoming ball in Germany, where her friend, the world-famous Kaioh Michiru, is kicking off her own concert tour, "Kaioh World 2004". No expense is spared... to the delight of some-- and the terror of others.

Aino Minako: Oh thank you so much for this dress X-chan!! I'll look SO GOOD at Michiru-san's party tonight!!

Dr. Xadium: Mina, don't you find it a little obscene to pay-- to make ME pay-- 100,000 yen for what is essentially a glorified piece of cloth?

Aino Minako: It's a Genuine Yoshiki original! When you see it on me you'll see that it's ALL worth it ♥

Dr. Xadium: ...

Dr. Xadium: It's a PIECE OF CLOTH.

Aino Minako: Hey, you spend TONS on computers and things and I never say a word !!

Dr. Xadium: Yes, but technology is complex and highly multifunctional... a dress is an inert piece of cut fabric... I *might* pay 100,000 for it if it did things like shield you from laser blasts, allowed you to become invisible and increased your strength tenfold.

Aino Minako: X-chan, you're such a geek...

Dr. Xadium: Geek?! GEEK??! I'm a *Time Lord*... my civilization is ten million years old-- technology is--

Aino Minako: Ugh, you're missing the point... forget it, anyway I have to go get my manicure, pedicure, facial, bodywash, hair styling and make-up done...

Dr. Xadium: Mina, you're pretty enough as it is... you're the Princess Venus, you know...

Aino Minako: That's not the point!! Parties are all about outdoing the competition!! I need to glow like the sun!! I don't need to just be *pretty*, I need to be totally *irresistable*!!

Dr. Xadium: You already are!

Aino Minako: *You* don't count!! :P

Dr. Xadium: Ugh... isn't this Michiru's party for her new world tour... are you *really* going to compete with her at her own event?

Aino Minako: Oh... you don't think I can match her??

Dr. Xadium: That's a dangerous tone you're using...

Aino Minako: Because you're on dangerous ground, koibito...

Dr. Xadium: erk

Dr. Xadium: Of course you can beat Michiru, that's without question...

Aino Minako: Good! (giggles) X-chan was nervous! I like making you nervous!!

Dr. Xadium: I wasn't saying that to placate you!! All was saying was, shouldn't you step back and let Michiru have her time in the sun??

Aino Minako: X-chan, no one ever got anywhere by not stepping on the coattails of the person in front of them!!

Dr. Xadium: ...

7:36 PM: Party Politics

Narrator: The "big dance", as Minako called it later, was an intriguing look into the lives of Minako's friends, many of whom are famous... and famously reclusive.

Aino Minako: Ne, Hotaru-chan and Jedite seem to be a little close today...

Dr. Xadium: You must be imagining it...

Aino Minako: But what if all the fanfics were true?? Wouldn't that be so funny? (giggles)

Dr. Xadium: What fanfics are these?

Aino Minako: Haven't you ever noticed that Jedite is always nicer to Hotaru-chan than anyone else??

Dr. Xadium: That's because she can cut him in half with a look... it's just the Dark General's healthy respect for power...

Aino Minako: ... hahahaha X-chan is SOOO DENSE!!

(Minako slaps Xadium on the back)

Dr. Xadium: ...

Dr. Xadium: Chibiusa, get off my leg.

Aino Minako: Ick! Chibiusa-chan, that's disgusting!!

Dr. Xadium: Mina, you're crushing my foot...

Aino Minako: Ne, X-chan-- do you think Michiru-san is jealous of the new dress you got me?

Dr. Xadium: You mean the one you *made* me get you?

Aino Minako: What, you can't tell me you don't like the way I look in it ♥

Dr. Xadium: That's not the point...

Aino Minako: haha X-chan is blushing!!

Dr. Xadium: Silence! Time Lords do not "blush".

Aino Minako: hehehe... ara?

Dr. Xadium: What is it?

Aino Minako: Ne, ne! Look at Michiru-san! Heheh she's furious, look at her arguing with Haruka-san!

Dr. Xadium: That's hardly conclusive, they argue all the time... and it looks like *Haruka* is arguing with her over something...

Dr. Xadium: Oh dear... it looks like Haruka is about to pick a fight with Luciano Pavarotti...!

Aino Minako: It must be a stunt--

Dr. Xadium: Stunt?

Aino Minako: It's all about impressing the Pepperoni!!

Dr. Xadium: "Paparazzi". And it doesn't look like a stunt! Oh!

Aino Minako: Itai!! Who knew Pavarotti-san could slide so far...?

Dr. Xadium: Mina, did he *bounce* before he smashed into the buffet table?

Aino Minako: Hai... uh-oh... he's picking up a fork...

Dr. Xadium: I don't like that look in his eye...

Aino Minako: Haruka-san, Abunaiyo!!

Dr. Xadium: Oh, he's trying to stab her in the face with the salad fork!

Aino Minako: Stick and weave, stick and weave!!

Dr. Xadium: Mina...


Dr. Xadium: Haruka's blocking with an hors d'oeuvre tray!

Aino Minako: Now she's kicked that waiter in the shin, causing him to drop his tray of wine glasses!!

Dr. Xadium: Haruka, why are you breaking that glass on the side of the tabl--

Aino Minako: Pavarotti-san's busted open!!

Dr. Xadium: Oh my god.

Aino Minako: Quick X-chan, let's jot before the police arrive!!

Dr. Xadium: "Jet", and I don't think Luciano's going to have much of a singing voice after that hit--

Aino Minako: HYAKUYO!!

Narrator: Shortly after this incident was taped, Luciano Pavarotti annouced his retirement from Opera Singing.

11:15 PM: Going out with a Bang

Aino Minako: X-chaaaaaaan!! We're gonna be late for my concert in Nerima!!

Dr. Xadium: Mina, for the hundreth time, we are in a *time machine*. The concept of being "late" is laughable, so long as the instruments are in working order.

Aino Minako: Are they are they are they??! This is my first concert in two months, I want to make a good impression!!

Dr. Xadium: Mina-chan, trust me, everything is in tip-top condition, I assure you. Did you manage to finish up the lyrics to your new song?

(Minako points to the console)

Aino Minako: Ne, that light is blinking!

Dr. Xadium: A lot of lights are blinking. There are many lights on the TARDIS console. Many of them blink.

Aino Minako: Yes but I don't like the way this one is blinking...

Dr. Xadium: You're being paranoid.

Aino Minako: nonono I've been here for years and I've never seen that one blink like that!

Dr. Xadium: Mina, there's nothing--

(Minako rushes to the console and madly hits buttons)

Dr. Xadium: What are you doing?

Aino Minako: I'm just running a diagnostic!!

Dr. Xadium: From the food dispenser controls?? Minako, forgive me, but you don't know the first thing about-- NO DON'T PRESS ALL OF THOSE AT ONCE!!

Aino Minako: Ara!!

(A loud explosion-- half of the TARDIS console goes up in flames. The machine starts to shudder out of control)

Dr. Xadium: Are you all right,Minako??!

Aino Minako: Hai, Daijobu.... X-chan, everything's on fire...! What does this mean??

Dr. Xadium: Well, for starters, we are going to be late.

Aino Minako: Moh!!

6:15 PM: Downtime

Dr. Xadium: The TARDIS landed upside down... _;

Aino Minako: Like I say, "any landing you can talk away from..."

Dr. Xadium: Fortunately for you, I have been working on a new console room in the spare time...

Aino Minako: Really?? You never told me!!

Dr. Xadium: It was to have been a surprise...

Aino Minako: Will it have a karaoke area like I've always wanted?

Dr. Xadium: No!

Aino Minako: Ohh, you know I really want one!! I need to practice!!

Dr. Xadium: Karaoke is not a thing to be encouraged!

Aino Minako: But I can sing well!!

Dr. Xadium: I put in a surround sound system, perhaps that will be enough, I'm sure you could attach a microphone to it...

Aino Minako: Ooh, can you put in some custom lighting?

Dr. Xadium: I... could, I suppose, but why--

Aino Minako: Onegai?? For me??♥

Dr. Xadium: Oh, all right, stop making the doe-eyes, I shall accommodate you... I so do *hate* the doe eyes...

Aino Minako: Yatta!! ehehehehehehe....

Dr. Xadium: I like the satisfied, scheming look in your eyes even less...

Aino Minako: kekekekekekeke....

Dr. Xadium: Good grief, what's she plotting now...

11:35 PM: Her Song

Narrator: Contrary to public opinion, Aino Minako is not just another face. She gives freely of her time to charitable causes. In fact, she chose to debut her new single, "Spring Locket Memory" at the opening of her 2004 Japan tour on behalf of the COMPASSION organization for orphaned children.

sung by Aino Minako

asa no 7(shichi)ji ni mezamashi RINRINRIN
SHAWA- wo abite usugeshou suru
nani kuwanu kao shite aisatsu shiyou
At 7 in the morning, my alarm goes off-- Ring Ring Ring
I take a shower & put on some light make-up
then I casually greet you

kimi ga waratta boku mo tsurarete waratta
utsushikagami mitai da kimi wa boku no tomodachi
kimi ga okotta boku mo makezu ni okotta
kodomo no kenka mitai da kimi wa boku no tomodachi
You laughed & I joined in the laughter too
Like reflections in the mirror, you're my friend
You were mad, I also got mad without giving up
It seems like a kids' fight, you're my friend

It's a beautiful day
kudaranai joudan wo tsumaranai hanashi wo
It's a beautiful day
onaka wo kakaenagara warau hito
(It's a beautiful day)
You're the type of person who holds his
(It's a beautiful day)
stomach & laughs at bad jokes & boring conversations

It's a beautiful day
kudaranai joudan wo tsumaranai hanashi wo
It's a beautiful day
yawarakana komorebi wo ukenagara
(It's a beautiful day)
Bad jokes & boring conversations
(It's a beautiful day)
while taking in the gentle sunlight

Anata o omou sore dake de fukai yorokobi afureru no
Dekiru nara yoru wo koe zutto sono te ni dakare
Ai no eien wo tashikameru It makes me happy, baby
Mou hohoemi wa kono mune de kagayaki ni kawaru
I just think of you & a deep happiness flows out
If I could, I'd hold your hand as the night passes
I'll make sure that the eternity of love, it makes me happy baby
The smile already will change into brightness within my heart

boku ga sabishii toki wa ato sukoshi tsukiatte
umaku hanashi wo kiite kurenai ka
kimi no koe dake ga kokoro wo karuku suru
tada aidzuchi wo utte kureru dake de
When I'm lonely, keep me company a little longer
Won't you listen closely to what I say?
Only your voice eases my soul
just by making sounds that you're listening

( I'll be next to you If you want me to)
Tsutsumu you ni daku you ni
(Every dream you dream Every song you sing)
Furisosogu ai o uketomenagara
I'll be next to you If you want me to
to wrap you up & hold you
Every dream you dream Every song you sing
while reacting to the love you pour on

boryokoteki na nezou takaraka na ibiki
anata wo norou yoru datte atta
My violent sleeping posture & loud snoring
It was a night I cursed you

hanarete itemo zutto
(whenever you feel alone)
mune no naka ni iru yo
(whenever you feel alone)
Even if we're apart, you'll always
be in my heart

kenka mo kuyashinamida mo
nakanaori no kisses & hugs mo zenbu zenbu
Thank you
for the fights, for the tears of regret
The hugs & kisses when we made up, everything, everything
Thank you

Dr. Xadium: Minako-chan, those lyrics sound somewhat cobbled together...

Aino Minako: Shh! I didn't have much time to write them so I broke out some CDs and got to improvising!!

Dr. Xadium: Oh good grief! What will happen when the various artists find out you've been cribbing their lyrics?!

Aino Minako: I'll cut them out a check!!

Dr. Xadium: That won't solve everything!

Aino Minako: It's for charity!! Which idol do you know that would DARE sabotage something done for charity?!?

(Xadium points to Minako)

Aino Minako: That was ONE time and it was because the kids used razorblades to shred my dress and put purple dye in my shampoo before the concert!!

Dr. Xadium: Symbolically flaying Barney onstage in retaliation was NOT The way to go about redressing that particular grievance! There were nightmares all over Scotland for WEEKS after that!

Aino Minako: Urusai...!

Dr. Xadium: What?!

Aino Minako: the camera the camera

Dr. Xadium: Oh, yes, I had rather forgotten about that...

Dr. Xadium: You there, cameraman, give me that film right this instant!

Cameraman: I'm sorry sir, I can't--


Narrator: Luckily we always use spare cameras.

2:00 AM: Stargazing

Narrator: After the concert, Minako and Xadium spent some time gazing out over the lights of Western Tokyo. But Minako wasn't quite ready to call it a night yet... there was still something she had yet to do...

Aino Minako: Ne, X-chan, aren't the city lights beautiful out here? ♥

Dr. Xadium: Yes... Like a glittering sea of light stretched out across the firmament....

Aino Minako: It's like there are stars above and stars below...

Dr. Xadium: See that light next to the Moon? That's Venus.

Aino Minako: I know.

Dr. Xadium: The Babylonians used to worship them both as companion gods. There are many connections between the Moon and Venus in myth.

Aino Minako: Hmm...

(sound of a watch beeping)

Aino Minako: Oh.. X-chan, I'm feeling a bit thirsty, can you bring me a drink from that store down the hill?

Dr. Xadium: What, the one all the way down *there?!*

Aino Minako: Onegai?? ♥ Oh, I'm so faint!

Dr. Xadium: Mina... look, you don't have to fake fainting like that... as you wish... I'll get it for you.

Aino Minako: Arigatou!!

Dr. Xadium: ugh

(15 minutes later)

Dr. Xadium: Here you are, Mina.

Aino Minako: ...

Dr. Xadium: Minako-chan?

Aino Minako: ...

Dr. Xadium: Your drink...? The one you made me traverse a hellish dark incline for?

(Xadium pokes Minako in the shoulder)

Dr. Xadium: Fell over? What? A... A cardboard cutout? Where IS she? And where's that other cameraperson gone off to?

2:15 AM: Transdimensional Boogie Nights

Narrator: With Dr. Xadium left up on the hill and totally unaware, Minako made her move, using the new, library-like TARDIS console room to stage her very own "Groovy Dance-Dance Rave Revolution."

Aino Minako: Whoo hoo!! This is GREAAAAAAAAAAAAT!! Party-Partay!!

Artemis: Mina, this is kind of cold... throwing a rave behind the Doc's back while he still thinks you're out there on a date with him...

Aino Minako: What... I'll let X-chan know about it, I just wanted to get the party started before he got here!! He needs to loosen up!! Do you like the disco lights I rigged up??

Artemis: Mina...

Aino Minako: Hey look, isn't that the tabby from next door winking at you? I think she wants a back massage...

Artemis: Oh...!

Interviewer: Is that Tenjou Utena back there?!

Aino Minako: Oh yeah, I invited LOTS of friends!! Lots and lots!! It's a good thing X-chan remodeled the TARDIS control room to be so big!!

Artemis: Isn't that Lupin the 3rd up there on the second floor?

Aino Minako: Hai!! And Piccolo-san is back there somewhere!! Who wants to play me at the Sailor V game!!??

Artemis: Hey, who's spraypainting the walls??

Aino Minako: Ooh a MOSH PIT!! WHOOOOO!!

6:35 AM: Aftershock

Narrator: It wouldn't be long, however, before, as Minako said, "all good things came to a bend". With the dawn, the party broke up, and the slow, painful cleanup began.

Aino Minako: I know this looks bad but--

Dr. Xadium: --you held a RAVE in my TARDIS?! A *rave*?!

Aino Minako: It was a small party!! Just me and 350 of my closest friends!!

Dr. Xadium: But I *just* rebuilt the console room and now look at it! There's some kind of green slime all over the Time Rotor--

Aino Minako: --ano... that's where Yuuichiro-kun spat up the Jalapeno pea soup--

Dr. Xadium: --there's BEER spilled all over the controls--

Aino Minako: --Pocari Sweat actually--

Dr. Xadium: --grafitti on almost every square inch of wallspace, half-eaten Pizzas underfoot, and even a drunken, passed out *cat* on the console, rolling around in his own filth!! My word, is that ARTEMIS?!

Artemis: Can someone please stop the room from spinning?

Aino Minako: Gomen Gomen!! Can you forgive me??

Dr. Xadium: There's a DRUNK SONTARAN wandering around with a lampshade on his head!

Aino Minako: Don't forget the rabid ball-lemures...

Dr. Xadium: Who...

Aino Minako: The brother-in-law of the sixth cousin of the brother's mother's sister's uncle's fiancee of one of the Ball Lemures we popped a long time ago.

Dr. Xadium: Ugh.

6:25 AM: Winding down

Aino Minako: But even after all that, things are still OK!! We can just kick it in the back and relax, ne, X-chan? ^_^ See how relaxed we are ♥??

Dr. Xadium: Mina... you're... choking... me...

Aino Minako: Gomen, heheheheh

Dr. Xadium: Ugh, this has been a long day, I'm exhausted...

Aino Minako: Ne, X-chan, you have about half an hour to make me breakfast in bed again, you know... ♥

Dr. Xadium: Look, I just finished cleaning the mess you and your friends made...!

Aino Minako: But it's a special recipie I want you to try... Banana creme nut bread...

Dr. Xadium: Mina... I think we can forgo the breakfast just this once...

Aino Minako: Hear me out!! I think it's a nice one you'll like!!

Dr. Xadium: Oh, very well... how's it go then?

Aino Minako: First, lay out the ingredients, gently kneading the soft dough with your hands until it becomes round and firm...

Aino Minako: Second, work the banana into the mix until a cream starts to appear...

Aino Minako: Third, keep kneading the dough slowly, until the heat rises to maximum...

Aino Minako: Finally, you press the banana deep into the mix covering it with nuts-- and you're done when the banana is soft.

Dr. Xadium: ... and if it's still not soft afterwards?

Aino Minako: You'll just have to do it again and again until it is, X-chan... ♥

Dr. Xadium: Hmm... perhaps I will have to give this recipie a try...

Aino Minako: Imayo, kudsai.

Dr. Xadium: Oh, very well... as you wish... a Time Lord's work is never done...

Narrator: Finally, Minako's long day is over, just in time for a new one to begin. From parties to pastries, she leads a sweet life indeed. Next week on VH1's Behind the Music, a tale of alcoholism, violence and revenge: The Secret Life of Ten'ou Haruka. Be sure to tune in!