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11.1.2008 - I hurt.

I generally do not prefer to air my feelings in public forums, because I was raised to be better than that, and there is no dearth of tabloid coverage of my life as it is.

But Haruka, dear, sometimes I wonder if you pay attention to the effects of things you do. I know you mean well, and I take that in the spirit it is offered, but sometimes it does hurt.

There are times I will ask you to do things, like clean your room, and you will tell me no, or defer it, or whatnot. That's fine, if you don't want to, you don't want to. I'm not here to make you do things you don't want to do.

But what hurts me is when someone else (Aya-san) will ask you to do the same thing, and you immediately comply, without hesitation. Then, you even happily call me in to see. Do you even realize how that makes me feel? It tells me you just don't want to do those things for *me* as opposed to just being busy or tired or whatnot.

I don't want a monopoly on your actions, I just want to be a part of them... but I also want to be a cherished part in a way, not an afterthought. When I do things, I come to you first. When you do things, you come to me third, or fourth.

Perhaps I ask for too much. I don't know. Before I met you, all I had was my paintings, and they simply responded to the needs of my artist's brush. Perhaps I don't understand the give and take in these things. Perhaps I should be quiet about these things. But they give me pause at times.

I have said too much as it is.

4:18 PM

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1.12.2006 - After Senshi

After long anticipation, the first installment of the written work "After Senshi" debuted tonight. Excellent prose and taut storytelling composed the bulk of it. It is the work of Mr. Wolfwood, whose other matters as well as this most impressive piece of writing can be found here.

12:12 AM

9.15.2005 - The Hand of Night

The Hand of Night is a fiction written by Mr. Haak which incorporates many of the friends who have come to this house in the action. An excellent afternoon's diversion of reading. The site also contains a stellar introductory primer to the universe of the "Warhammer 40k" game. I would read this, if I had time to play games of such a common nature.

10:46 PM

6.1.2005 - Repository ne้ Yaijinden

Some say madness gives rise to great artistry. I do not know about the truth of such matters, being of perfect equipoise when attempting any artistic endeavour, but the man Yaijinden, who is quite mad when he wishes, is exceptional in the literary sphere. This is his site.

7:15 PM

4.1.2005 - DBZ Dance

I wake up this morning and log onto the public IRC site to see what events transpired suring my beauty sleep, and what do I find? This abomination as a replacement for the front page. Some kind of "DBZ Dance" that features fighters gyrating in all forms of unsavoury manners, with a horrifying soundtrack to accompany their disgusting actions! What is that man Xadium thinking allowing this!?

10:12 AM

1.30.2005 - Ikari Shinji: Lost in Translation

In the hopes that he might put pen to paper and sort out the multifarious details of his confusingly convoluted lifestyle which has spanned over 10,000 years (or is that bastard children?), a stint in the Green Lantern Corps, NERV and the Jedi Order, Xadium has given Ikari Shinji a place to store and develop his memoirs.

11:11 AM

1.25.2005 - The Indigo Files / Reserved Places

A new writer has come to the house, and she shows signs of exceptional potential. Her works have been placed in The Indigo Files, for the perusal of the general public. Also, spaces have been preserved for Sporehunt, a pleasing fiction in which Chibiusa-chan is hunted down mercilessly, and for the art of one Shaldra Darkness, who, while not up to my exacting standards, still shows promise of one day being competent in the graphic arts.

9:56 AM

1.01.2005 - Social Circling

Oh, it has been a long time since I have been asked to update this page.... I've been given the responsibility of presenting new hosted subsites to the masses, as it should be. I shall endeavour to accomplish this task with the utmost grace and elegance, as is to be expected from a Kaioh.

11:37 PM