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Suburban Senshi Entry #2320 - “Portent for the future? A Procrastinator's Promise!! ”
#2320 “Portent for the future? A Procrastinator's Promise!! ”
Excerpt Start - 12:50 PM 06/18/23

Reading this about Reddit on Slashdot and pondering us:

Every webpage, much like every other endeavour where people are involved for entertainment, be that clubs, be that MMOs, goes through the four seasons.

There is Spring, with the hopeful expectations of what could be and the investment of energy because everyone wants the endeavour to succeed and see it bloom.

Then there is Summer, where we see it prosper and grow, where we see it grow big and we are happy for its success, we see our investment warranted and we take a moment of rest, because it keeps going without our continued investment.

Then Fall, where we get to reap what we sowed and where we can enjoy the fruits of our labor, but also where our energy is drained and we don't have the power to continue, we don't want to keep pushing, we just want to enjoy the fruits, we want to harvest, we may even start to look back wistfully for what we could have done to make it even better, which leads into Winter, where everyone is just in a reminiscent mood for the good old times, where everything was so much simpler and better and where there was growth, but now, it's just not what it used to be...

And then it dies. And something new will come next Spring. That's just the way life, and the web, goes.
Is that us now? Are we in the final Winter?
Something's comin' <_<
Oh yeah?
Agent McFUNderson
Okay now I need to know <_<
You'll find out when everyone else does. Sure it's been a pain trying to keep up with things but The Mood is About to Change™
Yeah you didn't think we'd head into the 21st anniversary without supplying something surprising, did you?
Knowing how lazy X is... yes?
That's because you're old
Just wait. More details coming SOON
Excerpt End - 01:27 PM 06/18/23

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