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Suburban Senshi Entry #2283 - “[Nobody November] Behold! She Who Screams at the World!!”
#2283 “[Nobody November] Behold! She Who Screams at the World!!”
Excerpt Start - 06:30 AM 11/21/22

There's not enough coffee in the world to excuse Mondays.
Ara, it's not that bad!!
I hate morning people.
At least you don't hate everything, dear. Not like Setsuna.
I'm pretty sure my hatred is very strong.
But is it this strong?

Jesus that's strong.
Excerpt End - 06:33 AM 11/21/22

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Seramuun Urtora

October 19, 2000: Mercurius was stuck in a nightmare circus, when Cere-Cere attacked using Geesen, determined to unleash Chaos throughout the universe. As the Senshi posed and made corny speeches, Sailor Pluto mysteriously appeared, mocking the girls' weakness in battle. Tuxedo Mask got to look cool by entering the scene riding a motorcycle. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through new information which someone only just now rememebered. Sailor Moon used the Moon Spiral Heart Attack finisher to win.

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