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Legacy Archives

Suburban Senshi Entry #2241 - “[ Movie Review ] Wolf Warrior 2”
#2241 “[ Movie Review ] Wolf Warrior 2”
Excerpt Start - 11:41 PM 04/08/22

So after a long while of nothing we decided to start checking out awesome Asian films again, this time something called "Wolf Warrior 2" which is free on Youtube. So we're doing a live reaction blog-thing.
// J_Daito //
The description is "In this action-packed sequel to the 2015 blockbuster hit, China's deadliest Special Forces operative ​​(Wu Jing) must emerge from his quiet life to deal with a sadistic band of mercenaries terrorizing innocent civilians, culminating in a climatic battle with the mercenary leader (Frank Grillo, ​Captain America: Civil War​)."
The movie starts with a production company card called "H Collective" which raises certain hopes in me but I don't think they use the words in the same way I do
"H-Collective" is how we describe Rei-chan's manga shelf!!
So this guy is a badass who fights off pirates by leaping into the sea, dragging them underwater off their boats and drowning.
...drowning THEM not him
// J_Daito //
"I have asphyxiated, thus I am the victor!"
I'm confused by the framing. I can't tell if he's in a flashback now or in the present and flashing back to the past.
He went to jail to beat up some thugs and then his lady same to see him and she got killed. The bullet that killed her is there. It's the present.
And that police siren reminds me of the "Time running out" sound in Katamari Damacy.
Interesting. It's set in Africa in a Civil War. Violence just emerges out of nowhere.
// J_Daito //
There's not much of a Chinese cast at all.
// J_Daito //
This is like a typical American action movie really. Lots of explosions and military set pieces.
Yeah there's definitely some high octane martial arts but the bulk of the action is standard fare.
There's enough explosions to leave Michael Bay writhing in pleasure.
It's interesting to see China here as the "hero" America usually plays in these movies
Honestly the script really is the same. Replace "China" with "America" here and it plays out exactly the same so far.
A jeep crashing into the scene through a second floor cinder block wall is pretty epic.
Yes that was f[BLEEP]king amazing
// J_Daito //
I like that he has to reload and switch weapons.
I will say this film does a good job of showing the sheer human misery these civil wars cause.
// J_Daito //
LOL there's the dig at the Americans fleeing the scene. I was waiting for some kind of shot.
"Big Daddy, I'm ordering you to ge tthe f[BLEEP]k back here now!" is my new favorite line.
It's got slightly more depth than the average action film. Slightly.
Agent McFUNderson
I like that the bad guys keep coming, they're really an army and not just 10 guys with Tanks.
// J_Daito //
So the Navy is going to solve this problem?
It worked for James Bond?
This really does feel like a Bond boss fight. Well, like a Craig one.
Lots of decent fighting in the end.
// J_Daito //
Aaand some healthy American racism to make the Chinese look better at the end.
Well counterpoint I guess that's how a lot of minorities feel at the end of American films
A very competent action film but nothing unique about it that takes it out of the realm of standard fare. Not a film with unique Asian sensibilities like HK gun fu films or anything.
So plot, like half a Dragonball out of two as it was the flimsiest of pretexts for fights, Visuals, 1.5 out of 2, because it was a great spectacle, Audio 1 out of 2 (it was really just a generic action soundtrack) and Overall feeling 1 out of 1 because it was an adrenaline-filled ass kicker that pumped me up for sure.
So in all, four out of seven dragonballs.

Recommended popcorn viewing.
Excerpt End - 02:38 AM 04/09/22


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