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Suburban Senshi Entry #2183 - “That's one Powerful P*ssy”
#2183 “That's one Powerful P*ssy”
C'est_La_V 12/19/2019
So this happened
C'est_La_V 12/19/2019

Crwn_Frt_Gmer 12/19/2019
I am so down for this
FireFly_9 12/19/2019
The wrong man is being "boosted" here.

January 3, 1998: Ms. Haruna was at a party held for the princess of the Dia Kingdom, when Sailor Iron Mouse attacked using The demon of the Lake, determined to entrap Tuxedo Mask. As the Senshi laughed at their implausible enemy, Sailor Pluto mysteriously appeared, commenting on how cruel and heartless the enemies were. Mamoru got distracted dreaming of Princess Serenity. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through a precision-guided rose throw from the Moonlight Knight. Sailor Moon used the Moon Spiral Heart Attack finisher to win.
"C'mon, its for the good of the team! I 'll grab her while she 's distracted killing you!"
-- Haruka to Jedite

SNAP into a Suburban Senshi! OOOH YEAAAAH!
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