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Suburban Senshi Entry #2177 - “Quality Parenting”
#2177 “Quality Parenting”

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[07:28] <FireFly_9> ...You know, that explains so much about me.
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October 8, 1999: Makoto and Haruka were trying to steal an incense burner from a small child, when Kaolinite attacked using Vampiru, determined to put the Earth into Deep Freeze. As the Senshi wrought unholy devastation after being spurned, Sailor Pluto mysteriously appeared, refraining from battle while waxing philosophical about the sacrifices that have to be made in war. Prince Endymion got relentlessly hit on by Chibiusa. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through a precision-guided rose throw from the Moonlight Knight. Sailor Moon used the Ginzushou to win.
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